Water Journal
A quiet exploration of all things life, celebrating its undeniable beauty and complexity.

West Coast Winter


West Coast Winter


Photography & words: Nicole Mason


Featured in Volume 1°


a wave came over me

swept me away

away from where i’d been,

away from all i’d known

a new way

it was time for a new way

a wave brought me here

a subtle and slow build

that only gained momentum

i took that wave

i took it, let it sweep me

that wave took me,

for a time,

it took everything from me,

kept me under

for a time

just long enough

to wake me up,

shake me

push me down, down

pushed me

to remind me

the power that is given

and taken away

that wave that brought me here,

it knows my quiet depths

and i, have seen its

relentless push and pull

felt its rush, power and

been enveloped in its fullness


a wave came over me

silent and still

silent and still

a wave from underneath

had started long ago

that wave broke me, stole me away

seventeen years and a sailboat


take me to the sea

oh, take me to the sea

break me down, cut me deep

there’s nowhere left to go

nowhere else to find you

no great escape

so i’ll wait right here

for you