Palau de Casavells

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Palau de Casavells

Art, Interior Design
Photography & words by
Carla Step

Located in a small village in el Baix Empordà, in the province of Girona, Palau de Casavells is a historic building whose origins date back to the fourteenth century. Fully restored, the space is home to the Galeria Miquel Alzueta in the catalan ampurdan, housed in a masia, a type of rural construction common to all the old Crown of Aragon. I discovered it last summer while exploring the tiny old town of Casavells that seemed to be the middle of nowhere. It’s quite unlikely one would ever come across it unless introduced by someone. Surprisingly that applies for the Catalans too but it’s truly one of the most magical towns I’ve ever seen in Catalonia. You can simply breath the authenticity of it when walking through the streets.


Palau de Casavells is probably the biggest building in town, located right in its the corner. When you get into the house, you feel an impressive sensation: the space is enormous and every room is filled with a selected group of art pieces and antiquities. From what I learned when reading into its history, the collection belongs to the two original owners of the home, with access to almost every single room where you won’t find any personal objects but a magnificent gallery stretching across almost three thousand square meters. I can’t imagine how wonderful could it be to live surrounded by all of this beauty.


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