Spirit Medicine

Cydney Ceremony_021 copy.jpg

Spirit Medicine

Photography by
David Alvarado
Words by
Cydney French

She is deeper than a dream.
Her voice silken, soaking my mind with a Mother’s wisdom.
The rhythm of Her movement stills the unrest within, born from Today.
Whispers of gentle lapping smooth the edges where She and Earth connect.
Her lessons...once learned, are never forgotten.
All of life is in her grip.
With all that power, She remains unattached.
The ultimate example of letting go.
Shaping all that is here, touching every single piece of this reality.
Molding us all, one drop at a time, before and beyond time.


David and I met by chance on opposite sides of a desk and our conversation “took” immediately. There is an unspoken knowing that happens with some people that continues through time and circumstance without even trying. Working together had been a topic for some time but timing has its own way. With an obvious connection through creativity and countless hours of processing life, we landed here together. There is an energy that happens when a circle is born and everyone present is participating, regardless of how. We are all touched: us, the land and the water. This landscape captures the heart of what it feels like to be swept into the vortex of presence and shift into something new. We are both different now than we were before that ceremony.

Spirit Medicine is an old practice brought into the modern era which includes drumming, singing, prayers and intentions in a ceremonial setting. Ceremony is the intentional circle of energetic space where the lines between ordinary and non-ordinary reality become thin enough to engage with Spirit to bring healing forward into the world. Ceremonies are held in service to an individual, group of people, place or even an idea. My relationship to Spirit is the bridge between these channels to connect and effect transformation.


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